Sobyung, a Simple Game with Much Benefits

15 Januari 2021

Ponorogo, Indonesia

Sobyung is a traditional game that able to increase children’s vocabulary. Another name for the Sobyung game is ABC five basics. The game can be played by two or more children. There is no age limit in this game, nor is there a gender restriction. Boys or girls can play Sobyung together or separately, as long as there are two or more players.

Sobyung games do not require tools and can be done anywhere. The way to play Sobyung is by sitting up in a circle and then each player will pull out their fingers. The fingers that each player takes out are free, it’s up to each player’s wishes. The fingers of all players will be counted, not using numeric order but alphabetical order. The last alphabet used to count fingers is the alphabet that will be used for the game. For example, all players have eight fingers, the eighth alphabetical order is H. then each player must say vocabulary starting with the letter H such as Hamster, Heart, Happy etc.

Then what if there are children who cannot mention the vocabulary correctly? There are two options, the child cannot follow the next round of the game or mention the vocabulary of the letters A-Z. The rule is not actually absolute, it’s depend on how the rule agreed at the beginning of the game. For the group of children aged 4-6 years, if one of the players cannot mention the correct vocabulary, they will not be penalized. So the game rules are flexible and can be changed according to mutual agreement.

However, when a players has difficulty in pronouncing vocabulary with certain letters, they can try it first by making puns on a word. This is what makes the game funny and exhilarating.

Actually, Sobyung game not only brings fun when the chidren’s playing it, but it is also useful for alphabets recognizing and increasing children’s vocabulary.In the game of sobyong, social skills are also be practiced. Children learn about how to follow the rules, establish two-way communication with their friends and practice for being responsible of themselves. Although playing the Sobyung game is very simple, the process that occurs during the game brings a complex benefits to children’s development.


Research on Game and Pervasive Play

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