Mission to Save the Earth: Simple Water Purification

May 9, 2024

Ponorogo, Indonesia

Mission to Save the Earth: Simple Water Purification


A clean water crisis that is left untreated can prompt to a world without clean water. A clean water crisis occurs when the demand for clean water exceeds the supply. This happens a lot in developing countries, including Indonesia. Industrial growth in developing countries is one of the factors causing the clean water crisis because industrial waste disposal often pollutes the aquatic environment. This situation threatens the availability of drinking water, food security and overall health.

The availability of clean water is one of the sustainable development goals (SDG’s) to be achieved by 2030, number 6 on clean water and sanitation. SDG’s goal number 6 also has an impact on goal number 3 for a good health and well-being and goal number 1 for eradicating poverty. This means that the availability of clean water sufficient for each individual has an impact on the body’s health. A healthy body provides the opportunity to maximize self-potential in order to obtain a better job and thus eliminate the problem of poverty.

The importance of clean water in this life is so great that it must be instilled in children from an early age to value water and use it wisely. Furthermore, when there is a water crisis, we can introduce the children to alternative steps, such as simple water purification.

In a simple water purification project, it is carried out using a STEM-based approach and the Project Based Learning method. The STEM approach in simple water purification includes:

a.  Science : recognizes the nature of water: flows to a lower place
b. Technology : introduces simple technology for purifying water from easily found materials
c.  Engineering


: constructs objects into other useful forms (used bottles)
d. Mathematics


: Reads patterns arrangement of layers of water purification materials.


Meanwhile, the project based learning method invites students to learn critical thinking and problem solving skills. The problem in this project is the clean water crisis. One of them is to purify polluted water using simple technology.


The focus of this project is how children can appreciate clean water and use it wisely. Because even though there is technology to purify water, the quality of the water produced will not be the same as clean water from springs. (dep/0921)



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