Fostering Interest and Love for Children with Traditional Games

15 April 2021

Ponorogo, Indonesia

Play activities for early childhood are important activities that affect children’s development. For the children, playing is not just an activity to fill the time but an activity of learning and honing skills. One of the rich traditions of the Indonesian is traditional games. Traditional games develop in local communities and are passed down from generation to generation.

As the nation’s next generation, we should have always preserved the cultural wealth of the Indonesian nation, including traditional games. Passing the traditional games to the children can be started by:

  1. Introducing the Diversity of the Traditional Games

Introducing various kinds of traditional games to children gradually. An easy method to introduce the games to children is learning by doing. Let the child be directly involved and try to play it.

  1. Set limit Screen Time for Children

Technology does provide convenience and interesting innovations. As children to adults, they prefer to spend time watching television or playing with their smartphones. This is the reason why the traditional games are less popular with children anymore. However, with the time limit in using technology, children will explore the natural surroundings and play physical games such as traditional games.

  1. Participate in Play

Show your interest in traditional games by participating in games. Children see, children do. Give an example in front of the children about how to play a traditional game, take a few rounds with them so they will feel challenged to be able to play it.

  1. Participating in cultural activities

Another alternative to foster children’s interest in traditional games is to participate in cultural activities that are open to the public. Invite the children to see and try various activities provided by the committee. In big cities, there are many playing communities that use traditional games as their most basic activity.

Cultivating love and interest on Traditional Games in children will not work if you have not cultivated a love of traditional games in yourself. Because children will learn from what they see, including the activities of adults around them. (dep / 14.04)


Research on Game and Pervasive Play

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