26 Maret 2021

Ponorogo, Indonesia

On nowday’s digital era, technology can be reach everywhere, both in the village and the city. While technological developments have take place in villages on the outskirts of the city, the use of technology is strictly a question of leisure. Therefore, we often see the children playing with their gadgets, but only as means of entertainment, unused as a means of education. Based on our observations in a village in Ponorogo Regency, the children were playing with their gadgets in total average 6 hours per day.

The existence of pandemic which requires  children to study at home also take a part on increasing the number of daily gadget uses. Children are more excited when they are playing with their gadget that doing their school assignment. In fact, by combining gadget and education, we can provide an effective and harmonius benefits for children education.

Educational value and recreational value can be obtained together. One of the way is by using Kahoot! Children’s teacher or learning mentor can handle the children with Kahoot! App, so that children can learn in a fun quiz menthod through their smartphones.

When children are allowed to use the gadget for their learning, they will be more excited and enthusiastic from the beginning of the study activity till the end of the activity. The existence of a ranking feature on Kahoot! App caused children to increasingly challenged to achieve high scores. Ranking feature are often encountered in gamification-based learning where it can make the learing atmoshphere becomes fun and able to encourage intrinsic motivation to learn.

Teacher or learning mentor are requires to make some question in several session according to the students basic competence. This app can be used for kindergarten education. But, always using the relevant questions types that suitable to children’s age and development.


Research on Game and Pervasive Play

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