Train Children to Control Technology

21 April 2021

Ponorogo, Indonesia

Introducing technology to children must be directed and bring benefits to children’s growth and development. if it is not fulfilled, children may become addicted to playing with their devices. Finally, the child will be controlled by Technology.

Today, we find many kinds of educational games using technology, such as the 4D Flashcard released by Octagon Studio. The flashcards have several series such as animal, occupation, space and humanoid.

In each series, children will be asked to download the application according to the series they have. After the application is downloaded then it asked to register by enter the serial number on the instruction card. Then the children are able to scan the card and will be reflected on the device screen. The illustrations on the device contain simple information regarding the image object, moveable, enlarge and even colored.

This 4D flashcard can create a real learning atmosphere for children. Complex materials can be conveyed to children in real and detailed ways by looking at the illustrations on the device screen. This also reduces misunderstanding of children in receiving information. With real illustrations and moveable, it also affects the children’s concentration to be more longer.

With some of the perceived conveniences above, we hope that this kind of technology can be applied in learning at schools. Textbooks can be converted into flashcards and to display detailed information, children can access them through the application on their device.

Although technology also brings bad effects, we cannot stop its development. Therefore, we must also go forward to be able to make optimal use of it


Research on Game and Pervasive Play

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