Maximizing School Learning Activities in the New Normal Era

15 Juni 2021

Ponorogo, Indonesia

The pandemic has inadvertently brought educational resolutions into learning activities. Conventional classes suddenly turned into digital classes. We realize that technological sophistication is able to provide various educational needs, facilitate educational activities and give a different impression in the delivery of learning materials.

Online classes hinder children’s meaningful interactions with teachers, peers and others. This shows that technological sophistication will not replace the teaching profession. In face-to-face learning activities there are values ​​that cannot be conveyed when learning online, such as moral, social, cultural values, etc.

Digital developments for online classes and the existence of schools as providers of conventional classes have their respective roles and advantages. These two things complement each other and can’t be eliminate. Therefore, we welcome preparations for returning to school in the New Normal era and prepare as well as possible. Some tips for preparing children to return to school are

  1. Educating children about the corona virus and its prevention.

As the closest and most trusted source of information for children, parents can provide explanations that are easy for children to understand. invite children to discuss about the implementation of health protocols that children can do independently.

  1. Reduce excessive anxiety

Parents who worry excessively, certainly have an impact on children. It will also have an impact on the readiness of children to dare to go to school. Therefore, set an example for children to remain calm and comply with health protocols.

  1. Increase children’s immunity

Parents can give vitamins or supplements to maintain children’s immune system. In addition, bring children’s own lunch and utensils from home that are guaranteed to be clean.

Let’s continue to comply with health protocols and get back to school!




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